Roast Beef Appetisers


A delicious canape that will certainly impress family and friends 


100g cooked roast beef, cut into thin slices

8 crumpets

2 tablespoons prepared hummus or aubergine dip

Fresh dill leaves, to garnish

Cooking Instructions

 This is a great recipe for using leftover roast beef and with shop-bought crumpets they are easy to put together!

Step 1 – Stack the crumpets in groups of two and using a small 3.5cm plain round cutter cut three circles out from each crumpet.

Step 2 – Transfer to a preheated, moderate grill and lightly toast on each side. Arrange on a large serving platter.

Step 3 – Spread each mini crumpet with a portion of the dip, then the beef slices.

Step 4 – Garnish with fresh dill leaves or some seasonal relish.

NB: If you prefer, replace the crumpets with mini/party size bruschetta’s instead.